Sinecell home kit


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100 ML
Concentrated gel with a draining, smoothing and firming action. To be used once a week; apply a thin layer of concentrate onto the area to be treated and massage in a good circular motion, from bottom to top, using the special massage glove, to
favor drainage then take a refreshing shower.

250 ML
Creamy no rinse mask, to be applied and massaged every night on the areas affected by cellulite, until complete absorption. This innovative mask is as practical as it is effective. In the morning the skin will appear suddenly more flexible and
compact. If you wish, you could also wrap the area with a plastic film for 20 minutes to increase the effectiveness.

Activate circulation in areas affected by cellulite.
Note: This glove can be used with all body products of the Vagheggi line. Choose the side of the glove most enjoyable for your skin type.


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