It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to vagheggi, a world leader in the field of aesthetics. For more than 40 years, millions of women in more than 60 countries around the world have been seduced by the exceptional performance of the vagheggi range of skincare products!

With more than 800 beauty salons that use the vagheggi products in canada, their reputation is well established. It is now your turn to be charmed by the fine italian touch where textures, smells and results combine to give your skin a radiant, healthy and natural beauty!

World leader in phytocosmetic

Founded in 1975, vagheggi is a true pioneer and leader in phytocosmetic skin care in italy. Aimed at body, soul and spirit through plant based products developed in harmony with nature and in close collaboration with the sciences of anthropology, naturotherapy, bio-energetic psychology, philosophy and chinese and indian ayurvedic medicine.

Thanks to the perpetual discoveries in biogenetics and the rigor of its scientific approach, vagheggi uses continuous research and development efforts in order to create exclusive innovative formulas with incredible powers that ensure significant, immediate and prolonged results.

Inauguration of a new innovative and modern laboratory

In september 2011, vagheggi inaugurated its new building that raised industry standards since it is the largest professional cosmetic laboratory in europe.

Vagheggi also collaborates with university research centers, analytical laboratories and many other seasoned experts to ensure the safety, efficacy and unique performance of its products. Each substance used is carefully selected and added to the formulas after careful evaluation of its chemical, physical and technical characteristics. Each product therefore carries the authenticity and rigor of the vagheggi brand.

Full range of products

Drawing on its experience in the field of beauty, vagheggi offers a complete range of products of exceptional quality, designed to target and specifically answer the needs of all skin types.

Totaling more than 275 products, the vagheggi range brings together 12 specific lines for the face, 5 specialized lines for the body and other complementary lines: A complete sun line, professional make-up, spa concept line, hair removal and care.

In order to personalize and increase the effectiveness of its treatments, vagheggi also offers a unique range of essential oils and natural concentrated trace elements to its high performance line.

Vagheggi goes green

Environmentally conscious, vagheggi selects organically grown ingredients. The products are tested under microbiological (challenge test), dermatological (patch test) control and nickel content, they are 100% made in italy and packed in ecological cardboard box. The product formulas are paraben, alcohol and paraffin free, they are naturally stabilized. They are never tested on animals. Resale bags are made from recyclable paper and plastic. New eco-friendly reusable bags are also available. Everything to charm nature!


Innovation leader

Vagheggi never ceases to impress with its creation of complex products based on major scientific breakthroughs and biotechnological innovations. It develops revolutionary, exclusive and patented synergies, draws from the heart of nature remarkable biological ingredients, uses cosmeceutical components, offers hypoallergenic formulas and performs in vivo and in vitro tests to validate the effectiveness of its products.

Highly advanced research has enabled vagheggi to be visionary in the discovery of ingredients highly recognized today for their exceptional anti-aging properties such as peptides, biopolymers, and beta-glucan. The delay line was the first line in the world to be enriched with beta-glucan, a wonderful active ingredient that helps delay the signs of aging.

In constant search for superior quality and cutting-edge technology, the development of each new product always reflects the latest scientific discoveries.