The uniqueness of Vagheggi


In constant search for superior quality and state-of-the-art technology, the development of each new product, always more efficient, reflects the latest major scientific breakthroughs and biotechnological innovations.


The selection of active ingredients, drawn from the heart of nature, is done according to a very rigorous fair-trade policy. Ethical values are also reflected in the new packaging, which is made from recycled and plant-based materials. Reusable refills are now available to promote eco-sustainability in your institute!


Backed by its experience, Vagheggi offers a varied selection of high-performance products to respond in a targeted manner to the specific needs of all skin types. In addition, treatments can be personalized thanks to an exclusive concept of essential oils and concentrated, unique and natural minerals.


Magnificent visuals, attractive promotions and a wide variety of accessories are at your disposal to make the brand shine within your institute and in your web community. Your online professional space is full of technical videos to provide you with visual support for all face and body treatments. Ongoing training is offered to perfect your knowledge!


Throughout its evolution, Vagheggi has always remained faithful to its conception of beauty and its mission to produce phytocosmetic products. An unequaled notoriety for nearly 50 years!


Exclusive canadian distributor of Vagheggi cosmetic products for the past 35 years!

We are extremely proud of our partnership with such a progressive and innovative company as Vagheggi, Italy. For almost 35 years, we have been perpetuating Vagheggi’s values, mission, expertise and creativity in the development of cosmetics products that are always at the forefront of the competition in Canada.

Léger & Cie Inc. has the mission to not only sell products to professional beauticians who will use them to offer high quality aesthetic care adapted to each person but to train them in the knowledge of the ingredients, the interaction of products with each other, effects on skin types and Vagheggi care methods.

We also offer a generous program of monthly promotions beneficial to institutes and spas that use our products, corporate advertising and promotional events to increase the visibility and knowledge of the Vagheggi line through social media, magazines and recognized cosmetic trade shows.


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