The story and the vision

Vagheggi is a continually evolving company that has always remained loyal to its vision of beauty and its mission to produce phytocosmetics. An intuition that allows us today, thanks to our more than 40 years experience to respond to a demand more and more current and conscious of authentic naturalness and real well-being  while respecting the environment in which we live! In the selection of raw materials Vagheggi implements rigorous fair trade and sustainable development policies; to do this it chooses suppliers that comply with national and international laws in the protection and development of the environment that interact with local community, supporting their work and preserving their traditional harvesting and processing techniques. Vagheggi creates unique bespoke cosmetics that stand for a choice of qualitative excellence that refuses standardisation.  Vagheggi cosmetics are sold in over 65 countries in the world!

Research & development

From the plant world, Vagheggi selects pure molecules for a targeted action on various skin imperfections. Vagheggi meticulously chooses each individual component, according to the type of skin to be treated, so as to offer a functional phytocosmetic creation of maximum efficiency, extreme skin comfort in addition to a personalized sensory and olfactory experience in pursuit of total well-being. Standardized mechanisms, production and control processes ensure consistency in safety and quality. All products are tested under microbiological and dermatological control and tested for nickel content; the cosmetic functionality of the professional care protocols and resale products are subject to rigorous efficacy and self-assessment tests by consumers.


The quintessence of its essential oils and minerals!

In order to personalize and increase the action of its beauty treatments, Vagheggi has created unique and natural essential oils and concentrated trace elements that have energizing, balancing and beneficial effect on the physical and mental well-being.

All Vagheggi products are 100% made in Italy, packaged using eco-friendly paper and containers that do not release phthalates.

A great beauty story