Professional treatment kit

Peel one 50 ml

Synergy containing Mandelic, Malic, Carboxylic Acids, Gluconolactone and Urea; it works as a booster to enhance the action of Peel Two.

Peel two 200 ml

Professional shock treatment containing Glycolic, Mandelic and Malic Acids that instantly replenishes the stratum corneum.

Tissue mask 10 units

Used in the treatment for the imbibition of Peel 2.

Recovery mask 150 ml

Normalizes skin parameters, regenerates and soothes the skin thanks to its concentrate of Passiflora Edulis seeds.

Renew skin face cream 10 x 3 ml

Face cream whose sensory texture embraces and relaxes the skin that becomes smooth, radiant and renders the complexion homogenous. It can be applied on the eye contour as well.

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