A unisex professional treatment that eliminates any gender distinction without identifying itself to a specific consumer category. The precious specific ingredients contained in the products, the in-vivo and in-vitro tests carried out and the results obtained, perfectly meet the needs of male skin while appealing to women as well.

Maintains the hydrolipidic film in optimal condition, promotes skin hydration, reduces skin roughness, increases elasticity, regenerates collagen fibers, contrasts skin aging and offers a visible decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and protects against sagging skin caused by pollution.

Offer specific care to the common characteristics of male skin that will also appeal to women.

A facial treatment that targets the habits and sensitivity of the consumer regardless of gender!

” Atypical is a highly versatile skincare treatment aimed at men, but also meets the fluidity of the genres of our modern era. I love this treatment which, in addition to preventing skin aging, protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by various sources of environmental pollution. I love the multi-purpose, extremely efficient products of this line! ”

Isabelle Mondou, Formatrice Vagheggi