BALANCE 75 minutes

BALANCE 75 minutes

A specific treatment for impure, mixed, oily skin, that answers the need of anyone wishing to resolve problems related to skin imperfections such as enlarged or clogged pores, shiny complexion (excess sebum), irregular relief and acne.

A soft, absorbent, illuminating mask that purifies the skin; an enzymatic exfoliation which promotes optimal conditions for receiving the purest active ingredients of plant origin; fresh and hydrating textures; a treatment with the following cosmetic properties: exfoliating, purifying, absorbing, softening and hydrating which controls the oily appearance of the skin.

The main goal is to refine and homogenize the grain of the skin and ensure it has a matte appearance throughout the day while providing prolonged hold to make-up.

Both for young and mature skin; 85% of adolescents and many adults have this problem related to impure skin.

” My clients have a lot of praise when they receive Balance treatment at my institute. They love the Spongy Mask which gives them the feeling that a fresh cloud is applied to their face, especially since its smell is fantastic! At the end of the treatment, when I apply the lotion and the cream of this line, they feel that their skin is well hydrated and smooth, that the pores seem tightened and they notice that the excess of sebum is reduced. A success every time! ”

Darquise Leboeuf, Makeup your Mind