A body care entirely composed of products having obtained the highest recognized certification either; Organic and Vegan Cosmos whose formulas, inspired by nature are pure and the ingredients that compose them meet the requirements for biological and organic products!

Tone, revitalize and hydrate the skin!  Starting with a body scrubs, made with carrot macerate,  lichi powder and organic perlite, which transforms itself into a regenerating, antioxidant mask followed by a nourishing and anti-aging body massage with vine sap.

Offer an exceptional sensory cocooning experience! An ideal treatment for consumers who are more and more demanding towards the search for products that respect the environment and sustainable production practices.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

“I was instantly won over by the BIO + body line! I love the very pleasant scents and the exquisite textures of the products used for an exclusive body treatment! The skin immediately regains its radiance and softness thanks to the delicate action of the body scrub with macerated carrot oil and litchi and perlite exfoliating powders followed by a soothing massage with a nourishing body cream with vine sap that deeply hydrates and soothes the skin. Simply WOW! ”

Carolyne Deschênes, Formatrice Vagheggi