Fuoco Plus

Fuoco Plus

New technology and new active ingredients for treatments that respond effectively to cosmetic body imperfections! Four professional treatments that consist of body wraps in targeted areas and specific massages with diorite stone. It is possible to do the 4 treatments alternately for 4 days only or as a cure for 8 treatments, two per week for one month.

An innovative slimming strategy which consists in exfoliating and stimulating tissue renewal, toning the silhouette, eliminating toxins, promoting microcirculation, dissolving fat and draining tissue.

Offer a targeted, fast, visible and immediate action on fat, cellulite, tone and the appearance of skin aging. 

Anyone affected by cellulite, excess fat in tissues, lack of tone or all 3 at the same time! Those who want a short-term response with visible results before the holidays, a vacation or a special occasion.

” I am absolutely crazy about the FUOCO PLUS concept! At first, I was challenged by its look but when I tried the product and noticed the immediate results, I realized then that I had the perfect line in my hands! It is highly effective on adiposities and skin tone. It is a must for me! As a bonus; the smell? Simply incredible! ”

Paméla Murphy - Murphy Clinique Médico-Esthétique