This special program is the perfect solution to stimulate the body’s sensory receptors and provide a sense of well-being and softness. With this treatment, the skin is constantly renewed, hydrated, and nourished. The aromatic oils allow for a personalized care experience, offering a unique sensory journey with their captivating and indulgent scents.

Improves circulation, eliminates toxins and impurities, relaxes and reduces stress, regenerates skin tissues, nourishes and hydrates the skin, and contributes to the well-being of both body and mind.

Provide an olfactory experience that evokes mental connections capable of recreating joyful and positive situations.

For anyone seeking a personalized experience and wishing to rediscover a deep sense of serenity.

“Irritual, quite an enveloping experience! Wondering what the smell of happiness is? Make an appointment with your esthetician to receive this body treatment! 100% of the clients who have experienced it are completely satisfied and talk about how well they feel, how their skin is soft and hydrated. The Irritual products are now part of their beauty routine at home! Furthermore, the next person entering the salon inevitably makes the following comment: “My God, I love the smell in here!” And hop! A new treatment is added for this one! ”

Anne Métivier, Salon d’Esthétique Pure-Derme

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