Lime 75 minutes

Lime 75 minutes

This treatment is distinguished by its deep massage of the connective tissue, with an energizing action and a specific antioxidant function, while the fragrances scented with citrus fruits of natural origin make it a real moment of well-being.

The precious functional substances contained in the special alginate mask revive the complexion, hydrate and revitalize the cellular structures with an immediate tightening and regenerating effect. The skin appears brighter, more relaxed and radiant.

It protects the skin against free radicals that cause premature aging.

Revive, illuminate and hydrate the skin, protect and nourish it all year long.  It is an excellent ally before and after sun exposure.

Indicated for young and mature skins; for men as well as women!

” Do you want a radiant complexion?” The Lime Vitamin C antioxidant treatment is ideal for brightening, reviving and protecting the skin against free radicals. Know that vitamin C is the # 1 ingredient to use at the first signs of aging. The people who receive this treatment at my institute are always very satisfied! I love it! ”

Mélanie Lauzon, Brin de Beauté