REHYDRA 75 minutes

REHYDRA 75 minutes

It is not enough to “quench” the tissue from the outside and restore the barrier function of the stratum corneum to rebalance the natural flow of water vapor to the outside; dry, dehydrated skins must be helped to naturally retain their hydration which decreases due to adverse environmental conditions such as cold, low ambient humidity or even dehydrating chemical agents.

Hydrate and deeply nourish the skin to protect it from dehydration. 

“Quenching” the skin and keeping it constantly hydrated is the most important step in cosmetic skin care in general to improve the tone, maintain its natural elasticity and, at the same time, prevent premature skin aging.

Ideal for all skin types, young or mature, needing additional hydration and nutrition!

“ The Rehydra treatment is ideal in all circumstances, indicated and for all skin types of all ages. Soft and hydrating, it brings comfort and suppleness to the skin. A classic treatment with multiple benefits that has transcended all fashions trends in cosmetics for over 40 years! ”

Martine Lauzon, Esthétique Rebelle