This completely revamped program incorporates increasingly effective active ingredients and innovative application methods to contribute to skin wellness as well as fight skin imperfections (cellulite and loss of tone).

Reduce and reshape the body profile, fight the appearance of imperfections and other conditions related to cellulite (orange peel skin, water retention, localized fat deposits, poor blood circulation) and atonicity.

Prepare the tissue to receive specific active ingredients for aesthetic imperfections, stimulate circulation and the reabsorption of fluids (draining action), protect and strengthen the walls of capillary vessels, reduce the condition of micro-inflammation in the tissue, stimulate metabolism, promote lipolytic action on the tissues, and drain excess waste, provide a slimming action, and nourish and soften the tissues.

Any person, male or female, young or adult with spongy and swollen tissues who wishes to dedicate time to the well-being of their body.

“According to our experience, the arrival of the Sinecell line has revolutionized cellulite body care! A powerful line yet easy to use! The results, visible quickly, are magnificent and the clients are extremely satisfied! We really have Vagheggi engraved on our heart! ”

Émilie Fournier, Clinique Espacem