A complete program of personalized treatments that target different aspects and stages of cellulite!  According to the analysis of the type of cellulite, a particular cure will be proposed which consists of approximately 12 treatments, at a rate of 2 per week, to achieve the targeted objectives suitable for each person.

Reduce and reshape the body profile, combat the appearance of imperfections and other conditions related to cellulite (orange peel, fluid retention, localized adiposity, poor blood circulation) and counter the effects of stress and frantic life on the silhouette.

Respond in an innovative way to the unsightly aspects of cellulite with new generation ingredients and a revolutionary approach to innovative, reducing and draining skin care.

Anyone, man or woman, young or adult, who wishes to devote time to the well-being of their body.

“According to our experience, the arrival of the Sinecell line has revolutionized cellulite body care! A powerful line yet easy to use! The results, visible quickly, are magnificent and the clients are extremely satisfied! Our favorite product is the Reducing Cream for critical areas to use at home. We really have Vagheggi engraved on our heart! ”

Émilie Fournier, Clinique Espacem