Thema 75 minutes

Thema 75 minutes

This treatment is the first step to prepare the skin and create the perfect balance before continuing any other specific body treatment. A very relaxing body wrap followed by an enveloping massage which allows the body to regain its essence and beauty.

Purification and detoxification of the body are an essential step because the accumulation of toxins and environmental pollutants leaves the skin in a continuous state of reactivity, in addition to reducing the receptivity of the tissues, thus slowing the action of the active ingredients and the effectiveness of care.

Neutralize free radicals and toxins and support the natural defense of the skin.

All skin types, of all ages, for women as well as for men.

” Thema is a treatment of choice, because it is the starting point of all body care! Its function is to balance and detoxify the skin, to make subsequent treatments more effective. Three active elements: The tomato, for its antioxidant and depurative power, the watercress (detoxifying par excellence) with regenerating properties, and finally, olive oil, nourishing and antioxidant element. ”

Nancy Perron, Salon Le St-Martin