WHITE MOON 75 minutes

WHITE MOON 75 minutes

The radiance of the complexion is the real secret of health, beauty and youthful appearance of the skin! This treatment is a true beauty experience and a cosmetic creation of great efficacy.

The face immediately appears relaxed and luminous, the complexion more homogeneous and of uniform color. This treatment is part of an overall anti-aging concept that targets visible signs of skin aging, gray or yellowish complexion, pigmentation spots or dyschromia.

Perfect skin is the dream of every woman (and every man)! The White Moon treatment smoothes, cleans and brightens the complexion and aim to keep the signs of skin aging away for as long as possible.

Skin of all ages, for women as well as for men, with a dull and uneven complexion and lack of transparency and freshness!

” White Moon is the ideal treatment to brighten the face skin! No more dull and grayish complexion! I love this illuminating anti-aging treatment filled with vitality! Quickly, the skin regains its youthful and fresh appearance! ”

Émilie Brisson, Esthétique Émilie Brisson