EMOZIONI PLUS 60 minutes

EMOZIONI PLUS 60 minutes

This treatment is the response to the specific requirements of particularly sensitive, reactive and intolerant skin, a rigorously vegetable line, and at the same time highly effective which has a soft and velvety texture to ‘’caress’’ the skin and bring it extreme comfort.

Gently cleanse and exfoliate, protect the capillaries and offer protection against UV rays, prevent redness, irritation and hyper-sensitivity, restore well-being to the skin by reducing unpleasant sensations.

Answer the need for an increasing percentage of people whose skin is normal but who respond in a hyper-reactive manner to changing atmospheric conditions; smog, air conditioning, sudden changes in temperature, cigarette smoke and lifestyle; stress, poor nutrition, the use of inadequate cosmetic products, etc.

Sensitive and intolerant skin types, for women or men, and all skin reactive to external and internal aggressions. Sensitivity can affect all skin types, whether normal or oily, since it is the organ most exposed to various stimuli.

” Emozioni Plus is my favorite treatment because of its innovative system that allows me to treat skin redness and discomforts with instantaneous results! And what can I say about its therapeutic smell for the mind and soul? It’s divine! A real gem from all points of view! ”

Julie Blanchette, Esthétique Julie Blanchette